Terry’s Blue House Has Made Our Balustrade Famous

Bicester, Oxfordshire

Are you a regular viewer of Grand Designs on Channel 4? Then you may have seen the amazing ‘Blue House’ on a recent episode.


Completely built from scratch by its owners, Mr and Mrs Brown-Waite, the Blue House has been a true labour of love over the 15 months the project took to complete. As you can see from the pictures, it has an attention-grabbing modern design, which is even more impressive when you’re actually there to see it for yourself.

The interior is just as striking with underfloor heating, light installations and a relaxing, spacious environment. In fact, one of the main features of the property is the ability to let in as much natural light as possible. The Blue House was built to be eco-friendly with the goal of using minimal amounts of electricity and heating.

The Products

In order to complement the house’s ultra-modern design, Terry contacted SWR for a glass balustrade system. Certain that its understated appearance would fit in with the overall aesthetic of the property.

Terry said: “We chose the glass balustrade with bottom channel due to its sleek design and so the frame could be bolted to our steel stair stringer.

“The depth of the channel could be mostly hidden within the floor structure to give the appearance of being frameless. Lighting has also been incorporated within the channel to invisibly illuminate the glass panes.”

Terry didn’t require SWR to fit the balustrade but admitted they still had a big part to play in ensuring the dimensions were right for both the staircase and balcony. He gave the overall dimensions and was happy to find that all sizes had been cut to their perfect length when delivered.

What’s more, all the necessary components had been supplied in the balustrade kit to make installation a straightforward process.

The Installation

Overall, Terry found our product very simple to install and found he could do most of it single-handedly – a testament to how user-friendly it is to fit our glass balustrade. It was only on one occasion where a second pair of hands were required.

He said: “As a DIY project I had no problem in assembling most of the system by myself. The only tricky part being the mounting of the optionally long stainless-steel handrail on top the glass panels where I needed a bit of assistance.”

All balustrade has now been fitted (inside and out) and eagle-eyed viewers can spot it in the special episode of Grand Designs. Terry couldn’t be happier with our product and loves how it fits in seamlessly with the rest of the Blue House’s interior. Our glass channel system provides a sleek, understated appearance with minimal maintenance and the highest degree of safety.

SWR are the installations and home improvement experts of choice for those who take pride in their properties. Contact us today if you’re looking for a company willing to go that extra mile for their customers.

“All queries with SWR were handed promptly, professionally and delivery was made in a timely manner. Having dealt with SWR for the first time I would certainly not have any hesitation in recommending them to other potential customers.” Mr Brown-Waite




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