1.5 kN Side Fixed Aluminium Channel End Cap

1.5 kN Side Fixed Aluminium Channel - End Cap
1.5 kN Side Fixed Aluminium Channel - End Cap

Create a contemporary look without obscuring the view.

Side Fixed – Standard Mount
Application Cover Cap Finish Part Numbers
Left Not Included Plain Aluminium OL10.6021.400.11
Left Included Plain Aluminium OL10.6021.410.11
Right Not Included Plain Aluminium OL10.6021.450.11
Right Included Plain Aluminium OL10.6021.460.11
Left Not Included Mill Finished OL10.6021.400.10
Left Included Mill Finished OL10.6021.410.10
Right Not Included Mill Finished OL10.6021.450.10
Right Included Mill Finished OL10.6021.460.10
Left Not Included Stainless Steel Effect OL10.6021.400.12
Left Included Stainless Steel Effect OL10.6021.410.12
Right Not Included Stainless Steel Effect OL10.6021.450.12
Right Included Stainless Steel Effect OL10.6021.460.12
Left Not Included Colour Coating OL10.6021.400.13
Left Included Colour Coating OL10.6021.410.13
Right Not Included Colour Coating OL10.6021.450.13
Right Included Colour Coating OL10.6021.460.13
Have it your way - with thousands of finish choices. Colour coating or Unfinished. Avalible in and RAL colour. Custom coatings. Aluminium, anodised or mill finished

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